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invertibrates on the seafloor

Broadcast live from the E/V Nautilus: Ocean Currents reporting from afar!

October, 2019

Recorded live from the E/V Nautilus, hear from marine scientists/explorers while at sea on an exploration mission of Cordell Bank and Greater Farallones national marine sanctuaries. What were they studying?


left:a jelly fish right: a school of fish

The ins and outs about By the Wind Sailors and forage fish conservation updates

May, 2019

Guests: Dr. Steven Haddock, MBARI and Geoff Schester

Two part show, 1st half, Dr. Steven Haddock of MBARI talks about the mysterious and alien world of jellies, specifically "By the Wind Sailors" that wash ashore in mass in spring time on the west coast. 2nd half of the show, Geoff Schester of Oceana talks about protecting forage fish (sardines) in CA and whats happening with conservation and management of these commercially valuable but ocean food web valuable species.


photos of marine debris in the water

Looking upstream for solutions to reduce marine debris and carbon emissions: Recycling 101

February 2019

Recycling and reducing waste is a significant way to reduce the threat of marine debris and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to a warming planet.

Guest: Ruth Abbe, Zero Waste USA


Positively Ocean Episode: Coho Salmon making record returns to Lagunitas Creek

Produced by Liz Fox


close up view of a piece of kelp

Helping Kelp on the Northcoast of California

January 2019

With an unprecedented loss of kelp coverage on the Marin/Sonoma coast, the State Fish and Wildlife and Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary worked with experts to create a plan to understand the issue more and look to ways to protect and restore this vital habitat to the best of our abilities.

Guests: Rietta Hohman, Greater Farallones Association and Cynthia Catton, CA Fish and Wildlife