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ocean currents and KWMR logos

photos of marine debris in the water

Looking upstream for solutions to reduce marine debris and carbon emissions: Recycling 101

February 2019

Recycling and reducing waste is a significant way to reduce the threat of marine debris and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to a warming planet.

Guest: Ruth Abbe, Zero Waste USA

Positively Ocean Episode: Coho Salmon making record returns to Lagunitas Creek

Produced by Liz Fox

close up view of a piece of kelp

Helping Kelp on the Northcoast of California

January 2019

With an unprecedented loss of kelp coverage on the Marin/Sonoma coast, the State Fish and Wildlife and Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary worked with experts to create a plan to understand the issue more and look to ways to protect and restore this vital habitat to the best of our abilities.

Guests: Rietta Hohman, Greater Farallones Association and Cynthia Catton, CA Fish and Wildlife