The Conservation Science program at Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary (CBNMS) is focused on understanding the ecosystem of the sanctuary and monitoring the conditions of the habitat and organisms to provide information for management that can be used to better protect the sanctuary.

Our current primary projects include characterization, research, and monitoring of:

  • Pelagic (open ocean) habitat
  • Seafloor habitat
  • Water column studies
  • Sound in the ocean

Read about these projects and many others on the Characterization, and Research and Monitoring pages.

CBNMS works with scientists at universities, government agencies, and private institutions to accomplish the goals of the conservation science program. If you are a scientist looking to conduct work in CBNMS, click here.

Science priorities are developed with guidance from our management plan, condition report, resource protection priorities, and by emerging issues that come to our attention. Information needs that are not currently being addressed are identified in our Science Needs Assessment.