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Cordell Bank

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary was established in 1989 to protect and preserve the extraordinary marine ecosystem surrounding the Cordell Bank. Surrounded by soft sediments of the continental shelf seafloor, Cordell Bank emerges with a rocky habitat, providing home to colorful and abundant invertebrates, algae, and fishes.

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Cordell Bank is a fine dining destination for many, find out who? Click here for a downloadable video. Click here to view a high resolution version on YouTube. 

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Cordell Bank: A National Treasure - A mesmerizing glance at the diversity of marine life that visit Cordell Bank or make it their home.Click here for a downloadable video. Click here to view a high resolution version on YouTube. 

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Meet the animal that truly is the cash crop for the ocean waters within Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Click here for a downloadable video. Click here to view a high resolution version on YouTube. This hand-drawn short film was created by Drew Christie

Sanctuary Radio Program: Tune into the Ocean

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Are open ocean debris cleanups effective? CA's new Straw Law

September 3rd, 2018

Guests: Dr. Denise Hardesty of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and Lisa Kaas Boyle
Learn about  the latest research about the accumulating marine debris problem in our global ocean. Do open ocean cleanup efforts effectively address the issue? On the second half of the show, learn about the new Straw law in California.

Sunscreen- Whats in it means a lot to the ocean and sandy beach ecology- do you know what those hoppers are all about?

August 6th, 2018

Part one: Dr. Craig Downs of the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory talks about the devastating findings about coral reef loss and the contribution of sunscreen chemicals to that loss, find out what these chemicals are and how to avoid them when protecting yourself from the sun. Part two: Marin/Sonoma beaches are among the finest in the world with beauty, ruggedness and biological diversity! Dr. Karina Nielsen of the Estuary and Ocean Science Center at SF State University shares her knowledge about what most of us don't notice on beaches.

Slowfish and hiking the California Coastal Trail

June 4th, 2018

Hear highlights from the 2018 Slowfish conference hosted by SlowFood San Francisco, bringing fishermen, buyers and chefs together to move towards "good, clean and fair fish" practices. On the 2nd half of the show hear about an amazing journey down the CA Coastal Trail with three UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science and Management graduates who took up the cause of raising awareness about the CA Coastal Trail and identifying whats needed to complete it by hiking the entire thing!

Positively Ocean Episode: World Oceans Day!

Produced by Liz Fox