Information for Researchers

photo of reef
Starry rockfish and strawberry anemone on rocky interface in Cordell Bank. Credit: NOAA

The incredible biodiversity and fascinating ecosystems at Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary invite scientific inquiry on a wide range of topics.  We encourage researchers to conduct their work in Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.  Keep in mind that conducting field work at CBNMS can be challenging given the distance from shore and rough ocean conditions.  CBNMS researchers may be able to collaborate, advise, or help facilitate your work.  Please contact us - we’d love to learn about your work and post your publication on our bibliography page.

If you are interested in conducting research or monitoring that can inform conservation and management of CBNMS resources, please contact the Research Coordinator to discuss our priorities.  Science priorities for CBNMS are developed with guidance from our management plan, condition report, resource protection priorities, and by emerging issues that come to our attention.  Information needs that are not currently being addressed are identified in our Science Needs Assessment.  These are science questions for which we need information to inform management but are not currently able to address.   

For more information, please contact the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary Research Coordinator, Danielle Lipski.

Research activities may require a permit from the sanctuary. To inquire about permits, please contact the Permit Coordinator, Lilli Ferguson.