Workshops and Programs

photo of a person walking on sea kelp

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary occasionally offers or partners with other marine education organizations to offer a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers, including Teacher at Sea Opportunities. Workshops focus on topics related to ocean conservation and marine sanctuary ecosystems. To see what workshops we are offering, see below, or check the Calendar of Events.

Teacher at Sea

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary recruits and places educators to be Teacher(s) at Sea on the annual ACCESS cruise in collaboration with the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Point Blue Conservation Science. Learn more and meet past teachers at sea.

Teacher at Sea Opportunities are seasonal and require a commitment from the teacher to participate fully during the research cruise if selected and implement new activities in the classroom related to the at sea experience. To find out how to apply for a Teacher at Sea experience with Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary contact

Local Grant Opportunities

Find out about local grant opportunities for implementing watershed and ocean related education programs in your classroom. The Ocean Guardian Program and San Francisco BWET programoffer funds to school/organizations that want to implement watershed based/ocean education related education programs.

Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network

Learn more about current science that is taking place in national marine sanctuaries of the west coast. Natural history, photos, maps, and research summaries can all be found here. Produced prior to the expansion of Cordell Bank and Gulf of the (now "Greater") Farallones national marine sanctuaries in 2015.

Tracking Ocean Animals - Animals in Curriculum Based Ecosystem Studies (ACES)

ACES captures the interest of middle and high school students as they learn science in the context of the ocean, with high quality curriculum-based activities and NOAA remote sensing data. Students can follow animals through NOAA's national marine sanctuaries, including Cordell Bank. Track ocean animals while learning about issues that may affect them. Produced prior to the expansion of Cordell Bank and Gulf of the (now "Greater") Farallones national marine sanctuaries in 2015. *

*This project was initially funded by a NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant, the website is freely available to use, including free activities you can find here. For more information on professional development related to ACES, visit the ACES website link.