Wildlife Watching - Seabirds

Download Pelagic Seabirds of the California Current System and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary (460K PDF). This booklet is an in depth overview of the seabird groups and seabirds that utilize the waters of Cordell Bank NMS. Learn why are they unique? What makes them vulnerable? What kind of research is being done? What are the occurrence patterns in the CBNMS? And learn at sea identification tips relative to body and bill shape, flight, wing-beat frequency, and overall impression.

Download The Amazing Seabirds of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary booklet (1.6MB PDF). This 28 page booklet (includes b/w photos) gives a general overview of the unique seabirds that visit Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Produced prior to the sanctuary expansion in 2015.

wildlife watching whaleDownload a Bird Checklist for Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary (148K PDF).

Download a seasonal chart of seabirds that visit Cordell Bank(76K PDF).

Download a seasonal chart of gulls that visit Cordell Bank(48K PDF).

(All charts and checklists created by Rich Stallcup)

More Seabird Education Resources

Point Blue Conservation Science (Point Blue - formerly, PRBO Conservation Science) seeks to heighten public understanding of seabird ecology and reduce threats to seabird populations in the California Current System.

Download the Point Blue Seabird Aware brochure (381K PDF). (produced when Point Blue was PRBO)

Download the Point Blue Reduce Night Lights brochure (569K PDF).

Meet our Birds
Produced prior to the expansion of Cordell Bank and Gulf of the Farallones national marine sanctuaries in 2015.