Wildlife Watching - Marine Mammals

Download Marine Mammals of Cordell Bank information (used during Field Seminar). These fact sheets were compiled by the Marine Mammal Center, and provide background information on mammals that could be seen at Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

California Sea Lion
Cetaceans: Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises 
Gray Whale
Harbor Seal 
Humpback Whale 
Northern Elephant Seal 
Orca or Killer Whale 
The Pinnipeds: Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses

Find out what mammals are typically here throughout the year.

Cetaceans Season
Common Dolphin September-April (Fall best)
Pacific White-sided Dolphin February-November
Northern Right Whale Dolphin May-November
Risso's Dolphin March-November
Orca (Killer Whale) February-November (unpredictable)
Harbor Porpoise All Year
Dall's Porpoise March-November
Gray Whale late December-January and March-April
Humpback Whale April-December (August-November best)
Minke Whale July-November
Blue Whale August-November (October-November best)
Sperm Whale December-February (rare) (deepwater)
Baird's Beaked Whale (not listed)
Pinnipeds Season
Northern Fur Seal August-March
California Sea Lion All Year
Harbor Seal All Year
Steller's Sea Lion All Year
Northern Elephant Seal All Year

Listen to dolphin sounds collected through hydrophone on Oct 12th,2008 (1.8Mb mp3)
Thanks to Carol Keiper, Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge for recording and sharing these sounds.