Sanctuary Advisory Council Members

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Kai Martin, Maritime Activities


Irma Cuevas

Council Non-governmental Seats - Members

Community-at-Large - Marin County:


Community-at-Large - Marin County:

Rob Taboada

Rob Taboada ( - is originally an East Coaster, but has lived with his family in southern Marin County for the last 15 years. Rob is a land use and environmental attorney. He does his most important work outside, however, during time spent with his children in the ocean and on Mount Tam. Rob is committed to helping to find sustainable ways for Californians to continue to live alongside wild habitat.

Community-at-Large - Sonoma County:

Frank Capurro

Frank Capurro ( is a native of San Francisco, born into a fishing family. His grandfather and uncles all were either fishermen, or worked at the family fish market. Frank started in the sport fishing industry, fishing for salmon, striped bass, and rock fish at the Farallon Islands. It was during these times that he began his love of the oceans. Today, he continues to be an advocate of clean safe responsible boating, working at the San Francisco Small Craft Harbor, and serving as an active member of Sonoma County local US Coast Guard Auxiliary. There, Auxiliary members teach safe, clean, responsible fishing and boating. He is pleased to be representing Sonoma County on the CBNMS Advisory Council.

Community-at-Large - Sonoma County:

Steve Tubbs

Steve Tubbs ( is a 35-year graphic arts professional and resides in Petaluma, California. In 2018, he started Inspiri2 Creative Services - providing graphic design services, 3M premium decals for fleet, vehicle and equipment markings, and the highest quality indoor and outdoor signs and window graphics for business identification. Steve is a 25-year plus board member of the Russian River Fly Fishers and has served multiple times as president of that organization. He teaches fly casting and fly fishing, and encourages others to find the delight and wonder inherent in the beautiful freshwater and saltwater ecosystems that support fish. He is a founding board member of the Russian River Wild Steelhead Society, working with other organizations to preserve, protect and enhance the populations of wild steelhead in the Russian River watershed. An avid fly fisherman, he has fished on both coasts of the United States (and at various points between), and has managed to visit a few tropical destinations as well.


Scott Artis

Scott Artis ( brings experiences spanning for-profit and nonprofit sectors in micro and molecular biology, wildlife and ocean conservation, program management and research. In addition to a strong track record in organizational growth and leadership, he is currently the Managing Director of Turtle Island Restoration Network and the founding Director of Urban Bird Foundation. His path to conservation began with a love for wildlife – working for multi-national biotech companies while simultaneously leading community-based coastal projects. With inspiration from burrowing owls, he transitioned to conservation full-time in 2011. Scott holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Policy, Bachelor’s degrees in Micro & Molecular Biology and Fisheries & Wildlife Science, and has complemented his studies with a Master’s certificate in Environmental Resource Management. He has a US Fish and Wildlife Service Burrowing Owl Conservation and Management award, and is a member of the Raptor Research Foundation and Society for Conservation Biology. In his spare time, he enjoys wildlife photography and spending time with his wife and 3 German Shorthaired Pointers.


Scott Artis

Morgan Patton ( is a fifth-generation Marin County resident and environmental advocate raised in Sonoma Valley and West Marin. She is a graduate of Dominican University with a B.A. in Humanities with a concentration in Environment, Culture, and Sustainability and is finishing her Graduate degree in Public Administration at the University of San Francisco. She currently resides in Forest Knolls, California, where she is raising her children. She is the Executive Director of the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin, a local nonprofit dedicated to protect and sustain the unique lands, waters, and biodiversity of West Marin. She also serves as a co-chair of the Golden Gate Marine Protected Area Collaborative, which seeks to empower coastal communities to advance Marine Protected Area management and encourage ocean stewardship.

Education (Vice-Chair):

Irma Cuevas

Irma Cuevas ( - professional goals include cultivating a culture of equity and inclusion in professional settings, elevating community engagement, increasing awareness on the value of our ecosystems, and perpetuating sustainability and culturally relevant programming in the outdoors. From 2003-2021, Irma shared her talents with Sonoma County Regional Parks in a variety of essential help roles including: Park Aide, Park Ranger Assistant, Environmental Educator, and as Community Engagement Coordinator. She has a deep knowledge of the history of California and our local landscapes. Irma has a passion for connecting historically marginalized communities to the outdoors. She is currently the Wraparound Coordinator for the City of Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership. Her work experience also includes working as a consultant for Pepperwood Preserve and Goldridge Conservation District, and as an intern for the Presidio of San Francisco. As a life-long learner committed to her education, she proudly holds a MA degree from Sonoma State University in Anthropology/Cultural Resource Management.



Fishing (Vice-Chair):

Richard Ogg

Richard Ogg ( is an electrician by trade, and retired from Sonoma State University after 30+ years. He has been a commercial fisherman for the last 20 years and currently owner and Captain of the F/V Karen Jeanne. He's actively involved politically to support and maintain a healthy environment and thriving fisheries. An avid sportsman all his life, Richard has fished and dove along the Sonoma County coast for over 50 years. He currently serves on the Dungeness Crab Gear Working Group, Dungeness Crab Taskforce, California Salmon Council, the Spud Point Advisory Board, and is the Vice President of the Bodega Bay Fisherman's Marketing Association. Richard has been a resident of Sonoma County for 59 years and resides in Bodega Bay, California, with his wife Laurie and his two dogs Nessa and Buster.


Noah Wagner

Noah Wagner ( is the Supervisor at Spud Point Marina, and oversees the day to day operation of Spud Point Marina, Mason's Marina and the Sonoma County Sport Fishing Center at Porto Bodega in Bodega Bay. He started with the Parks Department at Spud Point Marina when he was 18 years old, and brings 35+ years of boating experience and community goodwill to the table. Noah has had a chance to work many positions for the Parks Department, gaining invaluable "hands on" experience and education in running a large County owner commercial marina in a community rich in environmentalism and politics. Born and educated in Sonoma County, Noah has local sensitivity and deep rooted connections in his community. In addition to valuing his work environment, Noah is a family man who makes good use of the wonderful and diverse community in which we live, in his spare time he can be found enjoying the many local waterways, biking and hiking trails but spending time with his family is first and foremost in his life. Noah lives with his family in Santa Rosa and owns a home on the Russian River in the community in which he grew up.

Maritime Activities:

Kai Martin

Chris Hendry ( hails originally from the West Coast of Scotland, and moved to San Francisco from London with his wife in 2011. Graduating with a degree in Marine Technology and holding both Deck and Engine Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Licenses, his early career saw him sailing as a Merchant Mariner on Crude Oil Tankers in the capacity of Navigating Officer, Engineering Officer and Dynamic Positioning Officer. He joined Chevron London in 2002 and held various technical and commercial positions before taking up his current role as Port Superintendent for Chevron's Richmond Refinery in San Francisco Bay. As a serving member of the Harbor Safety Committee of the San Francisco Bay Region and various associated work groups, he likes to keep his feet wet and stay close to seafaring and the shipping industry. While his free time used to be taken up with cycling, running and enjoying all of the unique opportunities the Bay Area has to offer, the recent arrival of his first child, a daughter, makes these experiences all the more precious.

Maritime Activities (Chair):

Kai Martin

Kai Martin ( is Vice President with the Pasha Group, a global logistics and transportation company with extensive maritime activities along the California coast. He is a 1996 graduate of the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, and has been involved in the maritime industry and environment for most of his working life. Throughout his career, he has worked on numerous green initiatives to mitigate industrial impact to the environment. He is currently a commissioned Captain in the US Navy's Strategic Sealift Program, as a US Navy Reservist. He and his wife, Deirdre, lived in San Rafael previously and currently live in Pacifica with their two daughters, enjoying the many marine activities the Bay Area coast offers.


Jeffrey Dorman

Jeffrey Dorman ( is the Executive Director of Farallon Institute, a scientific non-profit dedicated to oceanographic research to inform ocean policy and management for healthy and sustainable ocean ecosystems. Jeff received a Master’s Degree from San Francisco State University (SFSU) (2002) and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) (2010) where he conducted research on the impact of climate change on krill in the California Current. His research continues to focus on krill and other common prey of the U.S. West Coast and understanding what drives their productivity and spatial distributions. Jeff is currently in charge of Farallon Institute’s acoustic program, discerning prey biomass and distributions from acoustic shipboard surveys throughout California. Jeff has extensive teaching experience at Sea Education Association, SFSU, and UCB and is passionate about connecting science to resource management decisions and policy-making so that we continue to have healthy ocean ecosystems that are managed in sustainable ways.


Chrissy Piotrowski
© California Academy of Sciences

Chrissy Piotrowski ( - is the Collections Manager of Invertebrate Zoology at the California Academy of Sciences, where she manages identification, curation, and access for the Academy’s extensive Invertebrate Research Collections, a physical and virtual resource used globally by scientists to explore diverse and pressing avenues of marine research. The Academy maintains extensive specimen collections which document Cordell Bank marine fauna over historical and modern time scales and permit study of changes in its species composition. In her 20 years with the Academy, Chrissy has contributed to marine biodiversity knowledge through efforts to mobilize the Academy’s marine biodiversity data, paired with targeted field research in temperate eastern Pacific and tropical coral reef marine ecosystems including field surveys in San Francisco Bay, coastal California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, the Mediterranean, the Philippines, Palau, Palmyra, and Myanmar. She received a B.S. in Zoology from University of Florida (1990) and an M.S. in Ecology and Systematic Biology from San Francisco State University (2007). Her research focuses on cryptic marine bristle worms with broader interests in marine invertebrate biodiversity.

Council Governmental Seats:

(nonvoting, except may cast ballots in officer elections)

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Superintendent:

Lisa Wooninck ( - Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Superintendent - Member

Lisa, the Superintendent, has been on the Advisory Council since 2021.

Dawn Hayes ( - Alternate

Dawn, the Deputy Superintendent, was on the Advisory Council in October 2020; then again since February 2021.

NOAA Fisheries:

LT Kynan Barrios

LT Kynan Barrios ( - Member

Lieutenant Kynan Barrios works out of the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement in Santa Rosa as a Supervisory Enforcement Officer covering the state of California. Kynan recently joined the West Coast Division following a 19 year law enforcement career with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), most recently as the Special Agent-in-Charge of California. Prior to working for BLM, Kynan served as a Border Patrol Agent, a Federal Air Marshal, and served in the U.S. Navy. Kynan grew up in Humboldt County and attended San Francisco State University where he earned his bachelor's degree in International Relations.

Vacant - Alternate

United States Coast Guard:

LT Lelea Lingo

LT Lelea Lingo ( - Member

LT Lelea Lingo is the California Coastal Region Domestic Enforcement Section Chief for the Coast Guard’s Eleventh District. She is also the Living Marine Resources Analyst, responsible to the Eleventh District Commander on National Marine Sanctuaries issues, among other marine affairs. She graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 2009 with a B.S. in Marine and Environmental Sciences. She is a proud graduate of the University of San Francisco’s M.S. in Environmental Management program, having also earned a certificate in Geospatial Technology. Prior to this assignment, LT Lingo served on Coast Guard cutters in Alaska, Florida, and Oregon.

LTJG Andrew Kang ( - Alternate