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Welcome to Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary 
web site. Here you'll you'll find the education section where there are resources for teachers and students.
picture of a crowd of people on the fulmar

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary may not be accessible to most people, but its importance in the marine ecosystem is emphasized through education and outreach programs. The sanctuary staff works to get ocean literacy based programs into schools and informal programs by working with the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and local partners. Through exhibits, radio programs, teacher workshops/programs, field
seminars, and occasional lectures and films, the sanctuary staff hopes to reach as many people as possible to emphasize the importance of a healthy ocean in our lives.

Resources for Teachers

Get free activities for the classroom, find out about grants, and professional development opportunities.

For Fun

Check out some cool ways to learn about Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Radio Program and Podcast

Tune into the ocean and listen to interviews with ocean scientists.

Printed Materials

See printed brochures and posters that are available to download and use free of charge.