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For Fun

There's an App for that!

California's National Marine Sanctuaries in the palm of your hand! Download an App to get all the information to visit and learn about California's four National Marine Sanctuaries. There is information to plan your visit, find places to experience the sanctuaries, learn about popular species that live in them, and more. Visit here for more information!

Sanctuary Encyclopedia

Explore this online marine life field guide, which covers critters from sea stars to the gigantic blue whale. Learn about different species in each sanctuary using this encyclopedia reference by watching videos, studying information about their habitat, distribution, diet and much more.

Ocean Guardian Kids Club and Contest

(open to all kids in K-8)

Join the Hawai`i Ocean Guardian Kids Club and Contest to win some great prizes. This contest encourages children around the country to create original poetry, artwork or a short story about the endangered, threatened and protected marine life found around the Hawaiian archipelago. All K-8 students in the United States are eligible and encouraged to join!

Explore who lives at Cordell Bank
Above and Below the Surface of the Ocean

Click on the images below for an interactive journey.

Have Google Earth on your computer?

Google Earth Turn on the Ocean Layer and navigate "fly to" Cordell Bank to see our stories (You'll need Google Earth version 5.0 or higher.)

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary Expeditions

See pictures and read blogs from past science expeditions to Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

2010 Dive Expedition banner Fall 2010
Re-discovering Cordell Bank: Dive Expedition 30 Years Later (to go with 2010_reefcrest.jpg)

2010 Deep Sea Coral banner Summer 2010
West Coast Deep Sea Coral Cruise (to go with image: 2010west_coral.jpg)

2008 Sanctuary Innovations banner Summer 2008
Testing Fishing Gear Removal Techniques at Cordell Bank (to go with image cbnms2008_banner.jpg)

Tune into the Ocean

Tune into the Sanctuary Radio Program/Ocean Currents.

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Watch Videos

Get below the waves and check out Cordell Bank
in our Video Gallery.


Hero's Journey: A Marin Salmon's Tale

Follow the journey of a Coho Salmon, from the Pacific Ocean, and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary to the Lagunitas Creek. This six-minute slideshow features natural sounds and images that connect you with the feeling of wild Marin.