NOAA Teacher at Sea Partners with Cordell Bank and Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuaries


Are you a local teacher who missed out on applying for the NOAA Teacher at Sea program? Don't worry. NOAA's Teacher at Sea is partnering with Cordell Bank and Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuaries to provide a summer 2019 opportunity to gain hands on experience working with our science teams in our local national marine sanctuaries.

When: Research cruise dates TBD in July, 2019 (exact dates will be determined by final selection of Teacher at Sea (Feb 1, 2019)


Teachers at sea are expected to contribute to the daily working operations, write/share a blog with the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program, and produce two lesson plans based on the experience and new knowledge. Teachers who complete all the NOAA Teacher at Sea requirements become part of the NOAA Teacher at Sea Alumni Association where teachers get access to further NOAA science opportunities. The science project being carried out during this mission is called ACCESS (Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies), learn more about ACCESS study. See past ACCESS Teachers at Sea experiences.

"My Teacher At Sea experience in collaboration with the Cordell Bank Sanctuary, Gulf of Farallones Sanctuary and PRBO provided me with a hands on experience that I have been able to share with my past and present students. Stories, practical research experience and and continued support from the Teacher At Sea program has resulted in the development of a successful Marine Biology elective course offering. It was really the experience of a lifetime for myself and my students." - Beth Lancaster (TAS, 2008)

Deadline to apply is December 31, 2018

Complete the application forms Form A
(along with the two letters of recommendation Forms B
and Form C) and send to

Education Coordinator/Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary
PO Box 159
Olema, CA 94950
Questions? Contact Jennifer Stock at
Phone: 415 464 5263

Final Selection will be made by Feb 1st, 2019