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Wildlife Watching Highlights from Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Click on the links below to see species lists, pictures, and highlights from field seminars and trips to Cordell Bank

Highlights from 2002
Photos from September 29, 2002
Species list from September 29, 2002
Species list from September 2, 2002

Highlights from 2003
Species list from September 21, 2003

Highlights from 2004
Species list from September 26, 2004 (32k pdf)

Highlights from 2005
Photos from September 25, 2005 trip and Species List
Species List for September 25, 2005 Field Seminar (60k pdf)
Species List for October 1, 2005 Field Seminar (72k pdf)

Highlights from 2006
Photos and Species List from October 1 Field Seminar

Highlights from 2007
Photos from September 9th, 2007
Species List from September 9th, 2007 (80k pdf)

Highlights from 2008
Photos from September 12, 2008 (on Flickr)
Do you have photos from the September 12th, 2008 trip you want to share?
Species List from October 12th, 2008 (76k pdf)
Species List from October 19th, 2008 (76k pdf)
Listen to dolphin sounds collected through hydrophone on Oct 12th,2008 (1.8Mb mp3)
Thanks to Carol Keiper, Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge for recording and sharing these sounds.


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