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Winged Ambassadors: Ocean Literacy Through the Eyes of Albatross
Free Teacher Workshop, August, 2014

When: August 11th and 12th, 2014
Location: Bay Model of Sausalito, and Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands for field trip (day 2)

Albatrosses, charismatic and threatened seabirds, are ambassadors for a clean ocean. They traverse vast oceanic regions searching for floating food and are a common visitor to the waters of the West Coast National Marine Sanctuaries. Along their journeys, they ingest plastic trash and can get hooked in fishing gear.

Winged Ambassadors is a set of five lessons that use real data from current research tracking albatross migrations and ocean plastic pollution. The lessons use inquiry-based science instruction, aligned to standards for grades 6 – 8 with extensions for grades 9 – 12 and correlations to the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core.

Each lesson includes:

  • Lesson plan with learning objectives and procedures, an outline of necessary materials and preparation, time estimates, suggested discussion questions and possible answers, ideas for differentiating activities for diverse learners, and expanded resources, videos and links
  • Student Worksheets and Handouts for photocopying and/or projecting
  • Presentations with photos, art, wildlife research data, and teacher presentation notes to support the lesson

Workshop Highlights

  • Introduction to the Winged Ambassadors lessons by
    Dr. Meghan Marrero/Author of WA Curriculum, Associate Professor at Mercy College, NY
  • Talk by Matt Savoca, Seabird Scientist/PHD Candidate at UC Davis,
  • Field Trip and talk led by Carolynn Box, The 5 Gyres Institute-Microplastics in the ocean and beach
  • Facilitated and talk by Jennifer Stock-Education and Outreach Coordinator,

Cost: FREE!

  • K-12 teachers are eligible to receive $40 stipend
  • Field trip to Rodeo Beach, Marin Headlands to learn about microplastic monitoring
  • Snacks and lunch provided
  • Each participant will receive a print copy of the Winged Ambassadors curriculum and supporting printed materials.
    Online Registration: space is limited.
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    *Registration is required.
    For more information, contact: Jennifer Stock at or (415) 663-1397

    This workshop is co-sponsored by:

    Funds for the workshop are provided by NSF IOS:1258828 Awarded to Gabrielle Nevitt and Susan Ebeler